Paul Carter || 16 years old || 11th grade || Demisexual || Single


Previously known as Carter Street, Paul doesn’t know much about his life. Years ago, the boy was found wandering on a street called Carter Street. Having no records of who he was and the boy showing that he had amnesia, it was decided that that would be his name. At Meadowbrook Middle School, he never talked or anything, he stayed mute. It was almost like he was a robot. Paul, or Carter, always obeyed orders and he didn’t show any emotion.

Three years ago, it was revealed that he was the spy in Gifted Class. It wasn’t on purpose, he was controlled by a lady named Sierra, which is someone that tried to use the kids’ gifts for her own good. She hypnotized Carter to tell her everything that the Gifted Class talked about every day in class. She made him speak. When it was found out that he was the spy, he was taken out and put into Harmony House for rehab. Dr. Paley, someone that Madame trusted, had helped Carter find out who he was and what his gift was.

When Paul was four years old, he and his parents witnessed a mob murder, making them go into Protective Witness Program. His family moved around a lot and changed their names many times. One day, his family was discovered and his parents were shot. Scared of this, Paul somehow shrunk into a gerbil. Dr. Paley had then found out Carter’s real name was Paul but did not discover his last name. Since Dr. Paley that Paul was so used to the name Carter it was decided that his name would just be Paul Carter.

Now that Paul is in high school, he does talk sometimes. He doesn’t talk as much as other people do though. The people he mainly talks to are the people from Gifted Class, since he knows them more than other people.


No connections.


Originally in Gifted Class

Gift: Shapeshifter

FC: Freddie Highmore

Taken, Reserved, Open

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